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Why You Should Stop Hitting the Snooze Button ...

By Carly

Hey, listen, I’ve been there. You’re sleeping softly, away in a magical dream, when all of a sudden your alarm starts to go off and it’s time to get out of bed and start the day. The thing is, it feels like you only just shut your eyes, and the temptation to press that snooze button for ten more minutes of duvet bliss is sometimes too overwhelming to resist! However, although it might feel like you are doing your body good by stealing those precious minutes, it is actually one of the worst things you can do to start your day! Here is why you should stop hitting the snooze button!

1 Drowsiness

Drifting back off to sleep for a short time puts your body in sleep inertia, which is a state of extreme grogginess. Ten minutes later, when you are groggy, you then have to get up and get dressed.

2 No Deep Sleep

If you press snooze a few times, you are depriving your body of deep sleep because the ten minute intervals aren’t enough to achieve it. This doesn’t do anything restorative.


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3 Lower Productivity

When you are forced to start the day in this groggy state, your productivity will be at a much lower rate than if you had just got up to begin with.

4 Bad Sleep Cycle

Being free with the snooze button means that you don’t get a regular wake up time, which in turn can negatively affect your sleep cycle.

5 Memory Lag

Studies have shown that staying in this ten-minute interval ‘in between’ sleep state can have a negative effect on your memory capacity.

I used to be a real devil for the snooze button but now I have learned to wake up with the alarm and wake up better. Trust me, it really does make a better start to the day.

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