6. Practice Yoga or Meditation

Believe it or not, digestion doesn’t just come down to what we eat and drink. Digestion has a lot to do with our mind and mood. When you are relaxed, so is your gut, but when you are tense, guess what? Your stomach is the first thing to let you know! My digestion practically stops when I’m nervous or upset. Most of your nerves associated with mood and serotonin production are actually located in your gut, so anytime you’re upset, your stomach is affected. In return, anytime you eat something that doesn’t agree with you, or your stomach is in disarray, your mood will suffer. The two are intricately related. To take care of your mind and soothing anxiety, implement yoga or meditation. I like to do 20 minutes of yoga each morning; it really helps relax me and is also great exercise. Simultaneously, my digestion is on-point the entire rest of the day if I follow the rest of these tips. Meditation at night can be as simple as lying still in your bedroom for as little as 15 minutes or longer, simply breathing and resting or reading and writing. Your gut will thank you over and over again for these moments of calm in your day; trust me!

Don’t Eat when You Are Stressed
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