7. Loneliness Group

Loneliness can be debilitating. Some people are very happy leading a solo life and are emotionally self-sufficient. For others it means isolation and feeling separated from those around us. Dr Bach identified 3 flowers to aid the specific manifestations of loneliness he identified in his patients. He chose heather as a remedy for those whose loneliness causes a compulsion to constantly seek attention and talk about themselves; water violet is the answer to aloofness and withdrawal caused by loneliness; and impatiens for the alone feeling caused by impatience and irritability driving people from you.

You should see after reading about the 7 groups that they are all inter-related and that feelings and emotions occurring in one group are symbiotic with those in another group. Itโ€™s for this reason that the philosophy of the Bach Flower Remedies suggests that benefits arise from a selection of remedies and not reliance on a single one. Are you interested in Bach Flower Remedies? Have you ever tried any and did they work for you?

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