3. Thigh Gap

Thigh Gap

This is the newest body image issue to cause a stir. It’s always been around, but lately it’s been talked about far more than it used to be. For whatever reason, women are extremely concerned about having a gap between their thighs when their feet are together. Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is. I don’t think anyone goes around staring at your crotch, so who’s even going to notice? But for those who are upset that they don’t have the sought after gap, it’s a huge deal. I recently read an interview with a teenager recovering from anorexia and when they asked her if she thinks she will relapse, her response was that every time she looks in the mirror and sees that her thigh gap is getting smaller, she feels an overwhelming urge to return to her old ways. I really think in the grand scheme of things, having a little gap between your legs isn’t the most important thing to be concerned about. It’s just one more thing to push on girls to make them feel bad about themselves.

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