20 Important Body and Beauty Tips for Pregnant Ladies ...


Body and beauty tips for pregnant ladies are essential. Not only do they help you stay healthy through your pregnancy, they also help keep you feeling great and looking beautiful. After all, you're glowing -- and there's a little life inside of you! Incorporating these crucial health tips in your daily life will help you so much. They're great for you and for baby too, and they can even help you after you give birth! Learn what you need and what you definitely don't need, what to embrace and what to avoid at all costs. If you're expecting or plan to be expecting, take a look at these fantastic beauty and body tips -- and if you've already had your little ones, please add some of your own!

1. Parabens

This ingredient has been on our radar for awhile but itโ€™s something you definitely want to avoid during your pregnancy beauty routine. You can find parabens in products such as moisturizers, makeup, sunscreen, anti-aging products as well as hair care products. Parabens are used as a preservative and have been linked to certain types of cancers and can disturb our bodyโ€™s hormone system. Make sure you read labels and look for paraben-free products when you shop for beauty products.

Vitamin C
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