18 Steps to a Healthier LIfe You Should Take ...


If you are looking for tips for a healthier life you have come to the right spot.

It is important to improve your health in every way possible.

Following these 18 simple steps will get you on the right track.

As you follow them I am sure you will start to see and feel improvements in your body and mood.

Take a look at these healthier life steps and start applying them now.

1. Opt for the Stairs

I know getting on the elevator at work or taking the escalator in the mall is the easy thing to do, but you benefit more by taking the stairs.2

Taking the stairs, when possible, helps burn extra calories and build muscle.

Will you try this healthier life step?

2. Choose Mustard over Mayo

Mayonnaise is loaded with an insane amount of fat.3

You can save yourself tons of fat grams and calories by not using it on your sandwiches.

If you still need something to add flavor or a little moisture to the mix opt for mustard.2

Mustard is the perfect alternative to mayo.

3. Clean House While Watching TV

Donโ€™t just sit and watch TV.

Knock both out at one time.

You are bound to burn more calories folding laundry or washing dishes during your favorite show than you would just sitting there taking it all in.2

If cleaning isnโ€™t your thing try watching TV while you work out on the elliptical.

4. Dance, Donโ€™t Drink

A night out with the girls is a wonderful thing, but we donโ€™t have to spend those nights out drinking way too much.

Instead, sip on one alcoholic beverage.

Try to spend more time dancing the night away.

You will consume far less calories and burn even more.

Besides, dancing wonโ€™t leave you feeling like crap the next morning.

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