Are You Addicted to Stress ?

By Clarrie

Are you addicted to stress? Given the fast paced nature of life for young people and adults alike in 2018, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you are going to experience periods of stress as some point in your life. For some people, stress can be completely debilitating, preventing you from making any kind of progress and only serving to hold you back. For others, however, stress can sometimes become something that they seek out in order to give them the kick and danger they need to actually get things done. In the wider scheme of things, pressure is something that can be helpful to a person’s productivity, but full-blown stress isn’t something that you should be seeking out. Here are some signs that should have you asking yourself, are you addicted to stress?

1 Future Worries

You have a tendency to worry about things in the future that haven’t happened yet, rather than the things in the present that you actually might be able to provide solutions for. You cannot ease your anxiety about events that have not yet taken place, so by worrying too much about the future, you are almost deliberately setting yourself up for feelings of stress.

2 You Create Stress

Have you noticed that you actually seem to be the cause of most of the stressful situations in your life? Procrastinating can be a big factor in this. By not completing the tasks that you need to in good time, you are putting the pressure on yourself to get them done in a short space. Perhaps a well-organized planner and life is something that subconsciously feels too boring to you?

3 You Count Seconds

Some people count days, some count hours, but you are in the habit of counting seconds! When you count seconds, the stress will build up because you will find ways to chastise yourself for spending time ‘not doing anything’, even if that time is literally only a few minutes! It also makes you impatient, which can lead to feelings of stress in small situations, like waiting for your coffee to be made at Starbucks.

4 Impatience

And speaking of impatience, this is an unattractive trait that comes as a result of your tendency to gravitate toward stress. If things aren’t being done at your pace, you feel like you want to lash out at those around you who are not conforming, and this can happen even if your desired pace is totally unachievable for an extended period of time!

5 Drama Queen

There’s no getting away from it, you just love drama! Whether you are creating it yourself or getting involved in someone else’s, you are never more alive than when there is a dramatic problem that needs to be addressed and solved. You might find yourself starting fights with loved ones for no reason, simply to elevate your own stress levels and give you that burst of adrenaline that you need to operate best.

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